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What Happened to Jennifer Kesse?


  Missing since January 24, 2006  

Three seconds... 

On January 24, 2006, a security camera in an Orlando residential complex captured footage at three-second intervals.  That was all it took for the person of interest, in the Jennifer Kesse abduction case, to have his face obscured forever on video.  Nearly ten years later, this remains one of the most frustrating aspects of the investigation.

Jennifer Kesse was just twenty-four years old when she went missing. She was a driven young professional who had bought her own condo in Orlando, Florida.  She had a boyfriend.  She was close with her parents and brother.  According to friends and family, she was happy with her life.

When she did not show up for a work meeting, her colleagues contacted her parents.  Kesse was responsible and punctual. Her absence immediately set off alarms.  

Her parents and brother drove to Kesse's condo.  There seemed to have been no break in or struggle in the apartment.  Her purse and cellphone were gone.  Her car was not in its spot.  It appeared that she had left that morning for work... and disappeared. 

It would take two more days for Kesse's car, a 2004 black Chevy Malibu, to be found in the visitor's parking lot of another residential complex, nearly a mile away.  

Security footage showed an unidentified person parking the car at around noon on the day Kesse disappeared.  His face was obscured by high fencing and the camera's image capture intervals. 

Security images of person of interest

Valuables in the car, including a DVD player, suggest that robbery was not the motive. Very little evidence was recovered, only a latent print and a small DNA fiber were found.  A bloodhound tracked a scent from the car back to Kesse's home parking lot.  

There was a lot of construction happening in the area, including in Kesse's residential complex.  She had complained to friends and family that the workers sometimes leered at her and made catcalls. She did not feel comfortable.  There was a high number of transient workers.  In addition, over the years there have been rumors that a disgruntled colleague from work may have been involved.  No concrete suspects have developed.  

The investigation remains ongoing.  What happened to Jennifer Kesse?  She has never been found. 

Below are links to the Greta Van Susteren Investigates episode, "The Mysterious Disappearance of Jennifer Kesse" which aired on Fox News on June 26, 2014.  The program is detailed, Greta Van Susteren has followed the case from the beginning.  Kesse's family is prominently featured.

Please also visit the site maintained by the Kesse's:

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If you have any information on this case, please contact police:
                  Crimeline TIPS 1-800-423-8477 
                   Orlando Police (407) 246-3982

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