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Brittany Phillips- Caravan to Catch a Killer


UPDATE 1/13/2018: 

On January 11, 2018, Tulsa Police released a DNA phenotype composite of the suspect in the Brittany Phillips murder case.  Police are looking for a white man with blue or green eyes.  The composite is not age-progressed.  By default, Parabon Snapshot "produces composites from DNA at 25 years of age".

Video from  KTUL News:

                    Murdered on the night of Sept. 27, 2004

          Tulsa Homicide Hotline (918) 798-8477

         CrimeStoppers Anonymous Line (918) 596- COPS (2677)

On the night of Monday, September 27, 2004,  18 year-old Brittany Phillips spoke to her mom, Maggie Zingman.  It was about 9 p.m.

The teenager complained of allergy problems.  Earlier that evening, Phillips had tried to get an appointment at an urgent care clinic, but was frustrated when she didn't receive medical attention.  Phillips' mom assured her daughter that she'd set up an appointment with an allergy doctor.  The call ended when the two exchanged their customary, "I love yous."    

Between Monday night and 8 a.m. the following Tuesday morning (Sept. 28th) Brittany Phillips was raped and strangled in her apartment in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The college student, who was only days away from turning 19 years-old, would not be found until a police welfare check... 3 days later.  

    Who killed Brittany Phillips?  

Authorities are not sure if the perpetrator was already in the apartment when Phillips came home or if he broke in through a set of French doors on the porch.  He may have entered through an unlocked window in the second story apartment.  
Tulsa PD's cold case page has pictures of the location and the apartment building.  This link has no graphic images:   
In 2007 police released new information on the case through the Tulsa World newspaper.  

A light purple pillowcase was found at the crime scene, that did not match any of the linens in the Phillip's home.  Authorities believe it may have been brought by the perpetrator.  According to police, it is fairly common for burglars to use pillowcases to carry away stolen goods. 

  2007: Detective Felton of Tulsa Police with the pillowcase found at Phillip's home. 

 DNA evidence was collected in this crime.  It has been run against 3000 suspects with no matches to date. 

                              A Mother's Quest for Justice
 Maggie Zingman is on a tireless quest for justice. She runs a detailed website on the case.  Please visit it for more information, including suspect psychological profile: 

To spread awareness, she travels the country in a purple van covered with her daughter's images.  Zingman calls this the "Caravan to Catch a Killer." 

Below is an interview with Zingman on Fox23 Tulsa news, from October 4, 2014, marking the 10th anniversary of her daughter's death. 


If you have any information on this crime, please contact:
Tulsa Homicide Hotline (918) 798-8477
CrimeStoppers Anonymous Line (918) 596- COPS (2677)

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