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December 27, 2015
(Updated November 2018)

Dark Sleuth is a personal blog. I am not a professional writer, journalist or investigator.  This blog grew from my interest in true crime stories. It is a way to share information on cases and issues that I want to highlight.  The choice to feature a case is solely my own.  My preference is for missing persons and older unsolved cases.

Most importantly, this is NOT a blog for gruesome and violent imagery or language.  Although some of these crimes are extremely violent, I strive to provide enough information without lurid details. Whenever possible, I cite and link a blog or website supported by the victim's family in their search for answers.  

This is a personal blog.  All sources of information, images and videos are outside sources.  Dark Sleuth is NOT responsible for source validity, accuracy or completeness.  All information on this site is provided on an as-is basis.  If you refer to Dark Sleuth content, please cite and link.  

Dark Sleuth is NOT responsible, nor liable,  for comments posted by others.  This blog is a place for civil discussion. Keep it that way.  I will delete comments I find offensive, disrespectful and racist.  

All images used are taken from outside sources.  I do my best to feature images from reputable sources, such as news media outlets (print or television) as well as national organizations, such as the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.   Despite that, I am NOT responsible for the validity nor accuracy of these images.  I cite my sources on each post in "Sources of Information."  

Whenever possible, I like to embed or link a video pertaining to the case.   These are outside sources. I am NOT responsible for their validity nor accuracy. I cite my sources on each post in "Sources of Information." 

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  1. Howdy, here is a recent cold case for a missing local woman Elizabeth Ann Hornbeck 26yrs old. She is from a very small town and everyone knew her. That she is a mom of 2 sons and was seen talking to 2 men the day she went missing is very fresh. You might want to see what you can find? I have been unable to get any new info from the family. Just the missing poster on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/BringElizabethHornbeckHome/?fref=photo


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