Friday, May 6, 2016

Carol Deleon - Unsolved 1981 Murder in Comal County, Texas


Carol Joyce Deleon was 18 years-old when she
was killed in June 1981, days after graduating high school.

Carol Joyce Deleon spent more than 25 years without a name.

Attempts to identify her through fingerprints and local missing persons reports were unsuccessful.  She was buried as a "Jane Doe" in 1981.  

In 2009 the Texas Rangers were finally able to identify the young woman as Carol Deleon through DNA testing.
They learned that Deleon was 18 years-old when she died and lived in the West Avenue area of San Antonio.  She had graduated from Thomas Edison High School on May 28, 1981, just a few days before her body was found.   

Authorities believe she went to a nightclub in San Antonio on June 3, 1981, the night before she was found.  

There are few details available publicly on this case.  

If you have ANY information that can solve this murder, please contact:

Texas Rangers Cold Case website:

Missing Persons Clearinghouse: 1 (800) 346-3243

Comal County Crime Stoppers: 1 (800) 640-8422
or submit a tip online:

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