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Unidentified Jane Doe - Jenkins County, Georgia 1988

By Dark Sleuth

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WJBF News report from November 17, 2021 with more information:

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 Jenkins County Jane Doe
(Source: NCMEC

On Sunday, February 14, 1988, the body of a young woman was discovered in Jenkins County, Georgia. She was the victim of a homicide (by asphyxiation) and her remains were discarded in a dumpster just north of Millen, Georgia.  Authorities believe she had been dead for  4 to 7 days before she was recovered.

She has been nameless for more than 25 years and her murder remains unsolved.

Photo of duffle bag in which Jenkins County 
Jane Doe was found. 
(Source: NCMEC

Physical Characteristics:
Estimated Age: 16 - 25 years old 
Race:  Asian, possibly Asian/White
Estimated Height: 5' 4" 
Estimated Weight: 135 - 145 lbs
Hair Color: Dark brown, long & straight
Eye Color: Brown
Teeth: Good condition, with crooked upper teeth.  Had a lower molar extracted not long before her death.   

If you have any information on this case, please contact:
Georgia Bureau of Investigation
Tel: 912-871-1121 

Jenkins County Sheriff's Office
Tel: 912-982-4211

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)
Tel: 1-800-843-5678

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Update 04/17/2022: