Friday, June 24, 2022

Alice Mae Sullivan- Update on 1986 Missing Persons case

 By Dark Sleuth

UPDATE from June 14, 2022: 

There's no additional new information on Alice Mae Sullivan's case, a Tennessee State University student who disappeared from Nashville in 1986.  

NewsChannel 5 did a report in their Never Forgotten series. Sullivan's mom pleads for answers:

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Carl Junior Isaacs, Jr. was John "Clinton" Doe - Wisconsin 1995


UPDATE:  June 14, 2022

On February 21, 2019, DNA Doe Project announced that they had tentatively identified John "Clinton" Doe. For 3 years there was no public confirmation until now. The Rock County Sheriff's Office has identified him as Carl Junior Isaacs, Jr. , a 20-year-old man from Delavan, Wisconsin. 

According to Channel 3000 news, Isaacs "walked away from the Walworth County jail in April 1995". He was never reported missing. His remains were found in November of 1995.  

Rock County Sheriff's Office asks anyone with information on this case to call 608-757-7911

(Image: WMTV/ NBC15)

News conference on Channel 3000:

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Additional Update: June 17, 2022:

Local reporting from The Gazette Extra has added more details to the circumstances surrounding Carl Junior Isaacs, Jr.'s disappearance.

At the time, he was serving a five-year sentence for burglary, but was allowed to serve it under house arrest with electronic monitoring.  

Court records show that he disappeared from his mother's house on April 16, 1995. The article also states, "or at least, that is when the state-appointed official who supervised his house arrest said he'd vanished without authorization." 

A warrant was issued for his arrest and continuously transferred from judge to judge until 2018.  

Isaacs is described as a troubled teenager who suffered from substance abuse issues starting in middle school. Per court records he "was cooperative with investigators in leading them to unravel a number of local burglaries involving people [he] was running with at the time".

In light of this new information, it is difficult to understand why he wasn't identified sooner. He disappeared from a neighboring county where there was a warrant for his arrest. 

Please read:

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Original Dark Sleuth post from April 2016:

Photo from DNA Doe Project's Facebook announcement

At about 9 a.m. on November 26, 1995, hunters came upon a set of skeletal remains in a heavily wooded area along Turtle Creek near Clinton, Wisconsin.  

Authorities determined that the remains were that of a white male, 17-20 years old, about 5'6" in height and weighing approximately 140 lbs.  His hair was brown and straight, at about collar length. His eye color could not be determined. His cause of death was also not determined.  He had died in the fall or winter of 1994, about a year before his remains were found.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Unidentified John Doe - Fairfax County, Virginia 1972

 By Dark Sleuth

(Source: NCMEC)

On June 13, 1972, a teenager in Lorton, Virginia made a terrible discovery.  The body of a little boy was found below the Old Colchester Road bridge in Giles Run creek, then known as Massey Creek.  

The child was naked and none of his clothes were found nearby.  He was the victim of a beating, having suffered severe-blunt force injuries to the head.  Police believe he likely died 24 to 48 hours before his body was discovered.  His estimated age was 3 to 6 years old.   

I was not able to find much information on this case, which is both sad and surprising.  It needs more attention.  Local tv stations in Virginia should cover it. 

According to The Doe Network, his DNA is on file and can be used for comparisons.  

Physical Characteristics:

Estimated Age: 3-6

Sex: Male

Race: Black

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Estimated Height:  4 ft

Estimated Weight: 50 lbs

Distinguishing trait: circumcised 

If you have any information on this case please contact:

Fairfax County Police Cold Case Unit: 703-246-7511

Fairfax County Crime Solvers: 1-866-411-8477 

* Anonymous tippers are eligible for cash rewards $100-$1000 *

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children: 1-800-843-5678

Sources of Information:

Case Profiles:

NamUS #10859:

NCMEC #1104371:

The Doe Network #461UMVA:

News Reports:

Monday, May 16, 2022

Henry Baltimore, Jr. - MSU Drum Major missing from East Lansing, MI since 1973



In January 2021, filmmaker Andrew Acciaioli uploaded a great short documentary, What Happened to Henry? to YouTube.  It contains family photos, interviews and important information on the case from investigators.   

Original Dark Sleuth post from May 2016:

Henry Baltimore, Jr. was a drum major at Michigan State University
when he went missing on May 30, 1973.  
(Source: NamUs)

Henry Baltimore, Jr. had a bright future ahead of him. His family described him as "a leader, yet a fun-loving young man." These were the same qualities that made him a drum major at Michigan State University, where he studied music.  

On May 30, 1973, the 21-year-old college junior disappeared and was never seen again.  

Friday, April 22, 2022

Desiree Oldwoman - Missing from Siksika First Nation, Alberta since 2011

 By Dark Sleuth

Desiree Oldwoman
(Source: CTV News Calgary)

Desiree Oldwoman, 20, was last seen around 8:20 p.m. on August 27, 2011 at her home on the Siksika First Nation in Alberta, Canada.  

She is a vulnerable adult, who was diagnosed on the autism spectrum.  Oldwoman is non-verbal, but can write her own name.   Authorities believe she may have wandered off.  Her family reported her missing the next day.  

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Unidentified Jane Doe - Jenkins County, Georgia 1988

By Dark Sleuth

Updated 04/17/2022:

WJBF News report from November 17, 2021 with more information:

Original Dark Sleuth post from December 2017:

 Jenkins County Jane Doe
(Source: NCMEC

On Sunday, February 14, 1988, the body of a young woman was discovered in Jenkins County, Georgia. She was the victim of a homicide (by asphyxiation) and her remains were discarded in a dumpster just north of Millen, Georgia.  Authorities believe she had been dead for  4 to 7 days before she was recovered.

She has been nameless for more than 25 years and her murder remains unsolved.

Margaret Fetterolf was "Woodlawn Jane Doe"

By Dark Sleuth



WOODLAWN JANE DOE was identified in October 2021 as  Margaret Fetterolf via genetic genealogy.  Not much is known about Fetterolf, other than she was a young woman who went missing from Virginia in 1975.  The investigation into her murder remains ongoing.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact Baltimore County detectives at 410-307-2020

Original Dark Sleuth post from December 2015:

Found on September 12, 1976

Who is "Woodlawn Jane Doe?"

It has been nearly 40 years since Sunday, September 12, 1976, when the body of a young woman was discovered along an access road in Woodlawn, Maryland, near the Lorraine Park Cemetery. She suffered greatly before dying. She was drugged and tortured.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Unidentified Jane Doe - Gregg County, Texas 2002

By Dark Sleuth



DNA Doe Project, a nonprofit specializing in genetic genealogy, announced on October 8, 2020 that they were taking on the Gregg County Jane Doe 2002 case.

Despite this progress, Gregg County Jane Doe remains unidentified.

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Original Dark Sleuth post from May 13, 2016:

Unidentified Jane Doe found in 
Gregg County, Texas on May 21, 2002.
(Source: NCMEC)


On May 21, 2002, a road construction crew came upon a set of human remains along Highway 135, south of Swamp City Road in Gregg County, Texas.  

They belonged to a young woman.  Although she was found in 2002, authorities believe she had died at least 2 years prior to discovery. Her most distinguishing physical feature was an unrepaired cleft palate.